VatoZ finances

do you want to earn profits?

VatoZ Staking

With VatoZ token, all the users can staking VatoZ on Misstaking. when users redeem the staked Vatoz, they can receive VatoZ token by 10% APY.

Get extra profit for P-MIS

users who staked VatoZ can receive P-MIS which generate T-MIS like staking. T-MIS is same as 1$ point. P-MIS is permanent point.

Get extra profit for point

users who have and stake P-MIS which generate Up point on getup site can get up point along the staked amount ratio. Up point is same as point.

Have the way to earn profits or manage any place on mind?

VatoZ can support you to earn extra profits in your assets. Let’s talk about what we can make and raise together. most of all, with VatoZ token, users can buy the right to manage regions. in the area, you can manage advertising and make franchises for you.

Let us together make a flourishing your assets

Regional managers can effectively conduct business, sales, events, gatherings, advertisements, and promotions for local residents by operating each local communication room on the GET UP Platform.The management system communication room is paid with VatoZ coins and will be burned after payment.